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eVersum Special Vehicles is an experienced provider of electric vehicles and e-mobility solutions. With our expertise we are able to support you in configuring the vehicles as well as specifying the route layout and the accompanying charging strategy.

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Planning Parameters


We gladly assist you in configuring the right vehicle for your specific application and route. Length and width of the vehicles, the number of trailers and seats, the size of the battery pack and other specification parameters are defined on the basis of your inputs.


A well-planned route layout allows you to maximize customer experience and to optimize the cost of operation at the same time. The length of the route, the frequency of service and the accompanying charging approach are among the planning parameters.


The alignment of charging infrastructure (in many cases a simple mobile charger) and battery pack size results in high efficiency and optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).


Optional remote-monitoring of vehicle and battery health enables predictive maintenance and helps avoiding unexpected failures and down-times in operation. The overall maintenance efforts and costs are drastically reduced compared to diesel or gasoline powered vehicles.

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