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October 24, 2020Category : E-Train

eVersum is pleased to announce the serial production launch of its electric on-road train, a purpose mobility solution for the attraction industry. The all new designed eTrain, featuring supreme operational efficiency combined with enhanced passenger experience, is entering serial production by October 2020 while first deliveries of the up to 65 passenger trains are scheduled for December this year. Driven by latest technology features, the eTrain is targeting for operational cost savings of up to 70% in comparison to certain conventional Diesel models – taking cost of fuel and maintenance into account – while offering a wide range of cabin features enhancing passenger experience. In reflection of the positive market response, eVersum is currently ramping up production capacities to effectively reach production levels of about 50 eTrains per year.

About the eTrain

The all electric eTrain is powered by extra long-life 88 kWh Lithium-ion batteries enabling operational ranges of up to 140 km per charge at 75% load while further range extension through integrated solar panels is offered. Highest levels of efficiency are achieved through a proprietary electronic drive control system and a decouplable brake force recuperation mode. Thus, operational energy costs are reduced by up to 70% in comparison to certain conventional touristic Diesel trains. While being efficient, the drive control system’s torque vectoring control essentially augments the vehicle’s effective capabilities by enabling a gradeability of up to 28% and towing capacities of 30 metric tons. The modular design of the vehicle’s lightweight composite structure enables the build of trailer sizes in terms of lengths and width, providing utmost flexibility to the operator for the convenient transport of up to 65 passengers. The technical characteristics of the eTrain are complemented by smart passenger cabin features such as perfectly integrated air condition systems, integrated infotainment amenities and various seat configurations as well as cabin concepts, reaching from classic hop-on hop-off seating to exquisite VIP configurations. Moreover, the eTrain is supplied with either on-board or off-board charging systems and solar panel-equipped way stations.

About eVersum

eVersum, based in Austria and Slovenia, engages in the development and production of leading-edge technology electric vehicles with a focus on commercial and special vehicles. Founded in 2016, the company has developed a portfolio of electric mid-range passenger transportation solutions and emerged as well-known engineering partner of the commercial vehicle industry. In 2020, eVersum successfully launched the production of the all-electric eTrain, a modular on-road -train solution for various touristic applications. Meanwhile, the pre-series production of the so-called eShuttle, an all-electric short-haul passenger shuttle was initiated as well.

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