The multi-purpose electric shuttle for inner-city and airport applications

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Electric shuttle for inner-city and airport applications

eVersum’s eShuttle defines a new category in the electric shuttle bus segment. Serving the market for passenger capacities from 15 to 35 people, the eShuttle is the consequent realization of a 21st century electric vehicle, that allows to perform comfortable passenger transport even in less frequented environments including rural areas at the right kind of cost.

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E-SHUTTLE at a Glance

The eShuttle is the optimal choice for short-distance operation at limited speeds, where cost-efficiency is of major importance. Europe`s most advanced SOLAR powered, fully electric shuttle bus // 8 to 10 km additional range per hour of sun (with Solar panel) // Zero noise and emission pollution // Applications for Crew and VIP Shuttle buses or PRM Transport on Airports // Last mile inner city transport applications // Flexible door and seating arrangement


Inner-city, last-mile and special purpose transport on airports (Crew, VIP, PRM) around hospitals or campuses belong to the operational spectrum of the eShuttle. Cost-efficient electric and environmentally friendly transport in and around: - Cities and municipalities - Public transport operators - Airports and campuses - Theme and entertainment parks - Natural and wildlife resorts - Hotels, tourism and tour operators - Parcel services


Steel Chassis with Carbon fibre & GRP lightweight body composite materials // 2-Wheel Drive 2x e-motors a 26 kW (800Nm) // various Lithium-ion battery pack sizes // Low floor entrance Shuttle with a 4 m wheelbase // Torsion spring suspension axles // independent drive axles with recuperation brakes (decouplable) // Power steering on front axle // electronic differential (torque vectoring) on rear wheels // Pneumatic brakes on all wheels and electrically activated parking brake // Solar panels on the roof // Electric door system // Safety glass sliding windows // up to 15 seats incl. storage space // Passenger Announcement system // on board infotainment system // Audio speakers and push buttons for driver notification // manually operated wheelchair ramp // Heating or AC system


The eShuttle is offered with legths of 5.7 and 7.2 m and a width of 2.2 m. An overall height of 2.7 m and the low-floor configuration allow full standing height on the inside.

  • RELEASE DATE : 2021
  • MANUFACTURER : eVersum
  • Category : eShuttle
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