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Electric on-road train for touristic purposes

Europe’s most advanced all-electric and solar powered on-road train // Autonomous range of up to 125 km per charge at a speed of up to 25 km/h // Several km additional range per hour of sunshine // All-terrain capability with a gradeability of 25% // Homologated for on-road use // Silent and zero-emission

Various seat & door layouts allow you to configure the most suitable vehicle for your application and region. The eTrain has a capacity of up to 68 passengers, is perfectly suitable for narrow roads and paths with hills and slopes. A see-through glass or solar roof and air condition systems are among the numerous options.

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Our touristic eTrain is an environmentally friendly solution offering your guests and visitors a comfortable and pleasant ride.




Sitting capacity of up to 30 passengers per wagon // All-wheel steering // Audio speakers and push buttons for driver notification // on board infotainment system // manually operated wheelchair ramp

Dimensions L: 3.90m – 5.40m – 6.90m; W: 1.80m – 2.30m; H: 2.84m
Wagon composition Up to 3 short, 3 middle and up to 2 long wagons can be combined
Seating capacity The largest wagon can accommodate up to 34 sitting passengers
Seats & layout Various seats, benches and layouts can be offered
Roof options A closed roof, a panorama glass roof as well as a solar roof are offered
Steering All-wheel steering
Suspension Torsion spring suspension on all wheels
Braking system ECE-conform 2-circuit, air- actuated
Doors Manual or electric outside-swing doors
PRM Ramp An ECE-conform manual ramp is integrated on the last wagon of the composition


Steel Chassis with GRP lightweight body composite materials // Torsion spring suspension axles // Pneumatic brakes on all wheels and electrically activated parking brake // Manual or electric doors // Solar panels on the roof // Safety glass windows // AC and Heating system


The eTrain is freely configurable with wagons that come in 3 different lengths (3.9 m, 5.4 m, 6.9 m) and 2 widths (1.8 m and 2.3 m). Each European country’s homologation and registration requirements can be met by selecting the proper configuration.

  • Release Date : 2021
  • Manufacturer : eVersum
  • Category : eTrain
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